Finding a house in Spain is not easy, especially in big cities like Barcelona. Whether you need an apartment, a room or a house, we can help you.

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    What do you need to know before signing a rent contract? You will get the best advice before making any long term commitments.

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Finding the home of your dreams is always complicated, especially abroad. Purchasing a property can be a complex procedure, we are on hand to offer you the best advice to make sure that your investment is safe and to avoid any complications further on during the buying process, why not contact us to find you the property we work with local experts who speak your language.

  • Purchasing a property: We guide and advise you from your initial search until the signing of the property deed
  • Taxes when buying a property in Spain
  • Property management

You should ask for the registered number of your Real Estate Agent to verify it. You can also get an extra protection if the Agent is a member of an international organization such as the European Association of Real Estate Professions.

There are many agents working without license in Spain, especially in coastal areas and you should avoid them in order to not fall into a situation, which may leave you feeling unfulfilled and economically worse off.

We are fully licenced and regulated by ANPIFF (Asociación Nacional de Profesionales Inmobiliarios Financieros y Fiscales) and AICAT 6674 to practice real estate and we guarantee absolute integrity and transparency.