Kohl-Sala & Partners is a Spanish law firm with a very strong international focus.

Our mission has always been to offer our clients personalized and quality legal services, adapted to their individual needs. Our goal is to help and support our clients in every way possible.

We go beyond the expectations of our clients, we have vast experience and we are dedicated to anticipating obstacles throughout the legal process.

We are committed our clients and therefore we update and inform them of their obligations and to update as well as share with them new legislation changes that may affect their individual case, especially focusing on any repercussions which may effect their businesses.

The Kohl-Sala & Partners’ team have a high degree of expertise and judicial knowledge on the in all areas of business and law, we collaborate with local and international professionals who will best advise you.



  • COMMITMENT: we respect the commitments we have with our clients.

  • LEGALITY: all our actions are in accordance with the law, the legal philosophy and the doctrine.

  • ETHICS: we strictly respect ethical and moral principles as outlined by the Barcelona Bar Association.

  • TRANSPARENCY: we provide factual and specific information on each client’s case in a clear and concise way, explaining the measures to take, the actions that have been made and the corresponding fees for these services.

  • QUALITY: the services we offer are based on proceedings and the expectation’s to evaluate our performance to satisfy the client.

  • INDEPENDENCE: our work is not influenced by any group of companies neither by any official institution.

  • TEAMWORK: due to our desire to offer a global service to our clients we promote cooperation as well as teamwork between the members of our firm.

  • CONSTANT TRAINING: our team members are our main assets. Therefore, constant training is essential in order to continue providing a quality service.

  • EFFECTIVE COMMUNICATION: both internally with our team members and with our clients.